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How Pressure and Power Washing Transform Your Property

You do what you can to maintain your concrete driveway and patio. Sweeping away debris and cleaning up spills can go a long way in keeping those surfaces looking their best. But one of the best ways to protect your surfaces and instantly elevate your property is through professional cleaning and sealing services.

Power or pressure washing thoroughly cleans concrete surfaces and prepares them for sealing. Depending on use, concrete should be sealed every few years to create a water-repelling barrier and minimize damage from the freeze and thaw cycles common in the Cincinnati area. 

Take a closer look at how our pressure and power washing services can transform your home or commercial property.

Understanding Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Power washing and pressure washing are both effective methods for cleaning concrete, brick, and other exterior surfaces. Both methods use pressurized water to remove stains, grime, and debris. Pressure washing uses cold or room temperature water, while power washing takes advantage of the additional strength of hot water. 

Washing with hot water is more effective, especially when dealing with stubborn stains and bacteria, but hot water isn’t safe for every surface. Pressure washing is more versatile, more water-efficient, and less expensive, but it may not be effective on all surfaces. 

When to Choose Power Washing or Pressure Washing

You can count on your Viking Concrete expert to make the best recommendations for washing methods for your home. When a surface is stained with grease or oil or has stubborn stains that remain after more than one attempt at cleaning, the added efficiency of hot water may be the best option. 

Power washing is also recommended if a brick or concrete surface is difficult to reach. In that case, pressure may dissipate, making the process less effective. The addition of hot water can increase the cleaning power and provide better results. 

However, pressure washing may be the right option when the surface needs only light cleaning and is easy to access. Brick is not as durable as concrete—especially older brick—and it may not be able to handle the extra power of hot water. 

At Viking Concrete, our team members have the experience and training to clean your exterior surfaces safely and efficiently.

The Benefits of Power/Pressure Washing

Having your surfaces professionally cleaned is an investment in your property. If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, a clean driveway or backyard patio can increase buyer interest. Other benefits of pressure and power washing from Viking Concrete include:

  • Maintain your property value

  • Improve health by removing mold and bacteria

  • Protect surfaces from damage

  • Increase curb appeal

  • Increase the life of your concrete surfaces

By hiring professionals to handle your power or pressure washing, you can relax and know your surfaces will be cleaned properly without damage. Our team is highly skilled and efficient. We understand the qualities of different surfaces and know how to maintain them properly. 

Let Viking Concrete Do the Work for You

If your brick or concrete surfaces are looking their age, a pressure washing from Viking Concrete can bring them back to life. Call us today to schedule an assessment and find out how we can elevate and protect your property.